Willing To Do Business, But No Money In Hand?

Does anything come without a price tag these days?

Obviously no, because everything is purchased or procured in exchange of money. Money is the utmost need of man to earn the livelihood.  Money is not everything, but everything is because of money. It is eventually added in the list of our basic necessities i.e. food, shelter and clothing.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, you have to have money in your hand. These days whether there is a wedding or even a funeral ceremony at home, we need planned funds for making the arrangements of those ceremonies. The purpose of discussing so much about money is to tell you that whether a small or a giant problem money is the only savior against that.

Importance of Funding in A Business

Funding to business is just like breathing to human body, the business will keep on going till you feed it with required funds. As soon as you stop investing in the business, it will become an unfunctional body. So, funding is the basic necessity of every business. I know you agree with this, but you must be waiting on getting some tips for how to get funding for your business. So, dear entrepreneurs the wait is over!

Open the doors of your eyes and ears because I am going to tell you right here some easy tips for raising funds for your business:

Match the type of funding to the size of the business

Decide on what size of funding are you looking for according to the size of your business. If you are a start-up and you need some funding at the very initial level for your business, then Seed Funding or finding a Venture Capitalist is the best solution for you. But, if you are already an established entity and you need funds to expand your business prospects, then you can find Angel Investors to help you.

Find the investors according to your match

Once you have decided to raise funding for your business according to its size, then do not delay in finding some good investors that match your funding requirements. For this, you can take the help of “Google Baba” or you can attend some seminars, franchise exhibitions like RISE by 1000 Overseas Franchise Ltd. You can also attend networking meet by Times Entrepreneur, where you can get investors of your choice.

Give your Life’s Best Shot in 3 Minutes

Just 3 minutes!! Yes, only three minutes are there in your hands to get the funding from the investors. Your business is dependent on these three minutes, so give your life’s best shot to convince the investor. I know you must be scratching your head that why only three minutes? This is the point to understand that the initial three minutes of your investor pitching script can push your ball into the goal. It totally depends upon your talent that whether you make it or break it.