Times Entrepreneur is India’s most innovative and effective idea validation and research consulting services. We provide the insight our clients need to reach their business goals and succeed in their chosen industry. Our team of experienced professionals will conduct business idea research and write a business Plan that is effective and that suits the needs of you and your business. We validate your business idea and provide a complete research and survey report.


Times Entrepreneur has made it our mission is to help entrepreneurs, small business owners and new Indian startups grow their businesses and succeed in the Indian market. Our research and consulting advisory services are chosen by many of the area’s top professionals because we offer the solutions that give them a more efficient and effective business in less time with better ROI.

Times Entrepreneur offers a wide range of professional business research and consulting services including:

  • Market Research of Business Ideas
  • Competitive Analysis of Industry
  • SWOT Analysis of Business
  • Feasibility Study of Business
  • Survey Report with Analytics
  • Investment Budget
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Financial Projections for 1 year
  • Management Hierarchy
  • Operation Manuals


Hi, my name is Rohit Rathore and I am the Founder & CEO of Times Entrepreneur. If you are like me, you want your business to run effectively, efficiently and, most of all, successfully. I have many years of experience working alongside some of India’s top business leaders. From sales, trade and channel marketing, merchandising, sourcing and more, I have provided my skills to a wide range of markets. Now, I provide my professional business idea research consulting services to entrepreneurs, Indian start-ups and businesses just like yours to ensure their industry growth and success.

If these aspects are important to your business, let me and my team provide the consulting services you need today.