Times Entrepreneur has been active in the industry since 2013. We are dedicated in helping clients in growing to be successful in the business world. Our services are wide range and one of our specializations is franchise consulting.


In our franchising consulting services – we do franchising along with helping companies into expanding their businesses in the path of franchising. With our expertise in franchising, we help them become franchise ready through various services including helping them complete their franchise documents.

With our understanding of the essentials in getting started in the franchising route, we make it easier for them to get ready by guiding them on what they need to do. This way, they can essentially avoid any mistakes and risks that can possibly delay them. Here’s how we do it:


The first step is consulting where we began to develop a strategic system and finance structure based out on your considerations and your strategic goals. Our consultants using the data we have accumulated about your business, the current market trends and all other factors will devise strategies, create solid financial structures, optimize organizations and develop a foundation that will allow for your business to have competitive performance.


The second part will consist of activities that will position your business in a good stand in the market through the guidance of our consultants. We will devise and utilize the most effective marketing and promotional strategies to let your audience know about your franchise business. Similarly, we will create a strategic alliance with the right profiled partners. It will create good opportunities for your business to improve and grow.


Times Entrepreneur’s franchising consulting services are geared to help companies looking to franchise a business, manufacturers that sell through distributors or dealers, companies already in the franchising business and just about anyone who are looking to be in the business of franchising.

If yours is a company that is looking for business to franchise, for the first time, we can help you. We can help you successfully expand your business through franchising. On the other hand, if you are already into franchising and are simply looking to improve your franchise system, we can help you with that as well.

In our consulting services, you can rest assured that our experts are truly professionals who can help increase your operating efficiency, sales effectiveness, improve the quality of your services and hire capable personnel.

Through our franchising consulting services, we aim to help people who want to try their luck in the franchising business. Even those who already have propriety system, we work with to assist them in improving their brand image and essentially increase their sales.


When it comes to hiring a consulting firm that will help you in franchising, your usual question is “who are the people who’ll be working on my project?” Isn’t that so? You want to ask who you’ll be working with and what their credentials are. Are they truly capable and do they really know what to do? Those are things you look for in your franchise consulting firm.

Well, that is exactly what we at Times Entrepreneurs is here to offer you. We have capable, expert team of franchise consultants who have years of experience and training to back you up. In our company, we understand that essentially, you are hiring people. We understand that no matter what kind of service we are here to offer you, it will not matter if the people who work with are not capable.

On that note, you can trust that Times Entrepreneurs has the most experience consultants on franchising ready to help you. With our team of franchise consultants, you can trust to take advantage of the experiences and knowledge they provide you as a package deal. Through their no-nonsense and hands-on approach, you are sure to have trustworthy people to rely in how to succeed in the real world of franchising.